Whoopi Goldberg on Unborn Children: They’re ‘Toxic’

Whoopi Goldberg’s career includes stints as an actress and stand-up comedian, but she’s more widely known for talking up a storm on talk shows.

And storm might be the right characterization, with ill-considered thoughts from her about the Holocaust, Bill Cosby, her clash with Donald Trump, and several other personalities.

Now she’s likely pushed the limits even further, with a comment that an unborn child is “toxic” to the mother.

It is Trending Politics that reported she was on the “Chris Cuomo Project,” a podcast, when she went “as radical as ever,” including “going so far as to refer to those unborn babies as a ‘toxic thing’ insider the mother.”

It came as she was ranting about the Supreme Court’s Dobb’s decision that overturned the flawed Roe decision from the 1970s, and returned the regulation of abortion to the 50 states.

“Well, I think it is negative that you change the law that’s 50 years old that you didn’t do enough homework about to see what the consequences were going to be for women. Not black women or Asian women or Hispanics. Just women in general,” she said. “You changed the law without even having the information of what that means for someone who has a birth difficulty in the pregnancy that requires that they not keep this toxic thing in.”

Then she turned even further radical.

“You think because there’s a heartbeat [that’s enough] — you’re not thinking about [whether] the child [is] viable. Does this child have a brain and hands and arms? You’re not thinking about any of that — you’re not thinking about how did this little girl get pregnant. You’ve made no space.”

The report noted that she wasn’t even setting a precedent in using “radical words” to describe abortion, citing a 2019 image showing pro-abortionists referring to the unborn as “parasites.”

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