‘There’s a coup happening’: Whoopi Goldberg accuses Barr of lying to protect Trump

“The View’s” Whoopi Goldberg has quit pretending to be rational anymore.

Whoopi Goldberg not only is accusing Attorney General William Barr of lying to “protect Trump,” she’s worried that “there’s a coup happening.” Watch below:

Boy, Did You Get It Wrong

The Democrats are extremely frustrated that the attorney general did not fold under pressure. They thought for sure that if they could get him on the stand, they could break him.

That did not happen for one very good reason … Barr has nothing to hide. He’s simply doing his job — and refusing to be dragged into partisan games.

Whoopi and the rest of her crew are pushing the farcical narrative that Barr told some “great lie.” And they’re going to keep saying that, hoping someone will believe it.

But Barr’s summary simply reiterated Mueller’s opinion on collusion and correctly made a decision on obstruction — and he then released the full report shortly afterward for everyone to read. That’s it.

This is Serious

Goldberg sounded like she was losing her mind when she was going over Barr’s testimony. She, like the Democrats, accused him of misleading the country.

What are they going to do when Mueller testifies and tells them the same things?

Honestly, at this point, it would be a surprise if Congress actually called Mueller up because they already know what his conclusions are.

By calling him to testify, they are only going to give Trump even more ammunition to go after Democrats.

Furthermore, people like Whoopi won’t be able to use words like “coup” when they are talking about the Trump administration.

Goldberg’s co-host Joy Behar was not to be outdone, as she accused the administration of “gaslighting” the American people.

Honestly, it is hard to believe they can actually say such things with a straight face. If we’re going to talk about a coup, let’s talk about what the Democrats tried to do to Donald Trump.

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