Whoopi Goldberg refuses to say the word ‘gun’ during taping of ‘The View’

Actress Whoopi Goldberg, the gravelly-voiced co-host of ABC’s The View, isn’t known to shy away from conflict. (Just ask Judge Jeanine Pirro about her despicable treatment as a guest on the Trump-hating daytime talk show.)

However, Goldberg was a bit gun-shy during Tuesday’s filming of the controversial program. The normally abrasive and domineering moderator said she was just “trying to be respectful” to Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) when she refused to use the word “gun” because the congressman was scheduled to appear on the show later that day.


In a roundtable discussion characteristic of the program, Goldberg brought up the fact that there hasn’t yet been a “smoking” gun proving that President Donald Trump is guilty of collusion with the Russian government. But she didn’t use the not-so-offensive word for a firearm, opting instead to say “smoking flute.”

Thankfully, a conservative was present to bring Goldberg back down to Earth. Later, the audience cheered for Meghan McCain after she declared: “I will still say gun on national television.”


But Goldberg — who once played a mob-fighting nun on Sister Act and its equally riveting sequel, Sister Act 2 — wasn’t going to take McCain’s mockery sitting down.

“I’m sorry, the reason I didn’t say ‘gun’ is because Steve Scalise was coming on and I didn’t want anyone to misunderstand the joke,” Goldberg said. “That’s why I didn’t do it, just so we’re all clear.”

Scalise received six weeks of “intensive inpatient rehabilitation” after he was shot by a crazed Bernie Sanders supporter during a congressional baseball practice in Alexandria, VA. Dr. Jack Sava, Director of Trauma for MedStar Washington Hospital Center, said of his wound:

Congressman Steve Scalise sustained a single wound from a rifle, entering in the area of his left hip. The bullet traveled straight across toward the other hip, in what we call a transpelvic gunshot wound.  The round fragmented, and caused significant damage to bones, internal organs and blood vessels. I understand he was awake initially, but due to severe bleeding, by the time he arrived at MedSTAR by helicopter, he was in shock.

Scalise survived an attack that pulverized bone, shredded nerves and arteries, and nearly led to his death from severe bleeding — but Goldberg is worried that the conservative lawmaker won’t be able to handle the word “gun.” McCain, whose father was a Vietnam war hero and endured years of torture and isolation as a prisoner of war, was rightly baffled at the political correctness.

“Two days ago there was something brought up about guns” on the show, McCain noted, and nobody took offense. “If we’re not allowed to–,” McCain started to explain before being cut off by Goldberg.

“You’re allowed to,” Goldberg answered. “It was me trying to, you know, be sensitive.”

The Whoopi treatment

Other guests of The View weren’t handled with kid gloves by Goldberg. Quite the contrary, in fact. When Pirro, host of Fox News’ Justice program appeared on the show, the conservative guest was kicked off after an on-air spat.

Backstage, the conflict continued, and Pirro later alleged that Goldberg treated her “like a dog.” As she was trying to leave, Pirro recalled how the daytime television star “came at me as I was leaving and she said ‘F you’ in my face — literally spitting at me, ‘F you, get the F out of this building.’”

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To many leftists like Goldberg, bizarre moral equivocations are the norm. It was perfectly acceptable for Goldberg to chase after a guest while projecting the vilest obscenities their way.

But a harmless word like “gun” could cause severe and lasting damage, apparently. Like McCain, the rest of the world can only shake their heads in bewilderment and despair.

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