WHO issues dire warning about ‘deadly variants,’ says pandemic is far from over

As America — and many other countries — believed they were finally seeing the light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel of fearmongering, the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) made an effort this week to remind the world just how scary the virus, and its variants, truly are.

According to Breitbart, the W.H.O. made a number of statements this week warning people everywhere that the COVID-19 pandemic is “nowhere near finished,” while stressing the added fear that the emergence of the virus’ “deadly variants” could affect the world population for years to come. 

“Not good”

Prof. Didier Houssin, head of the W.H.O. emergency COVID-19 committee, made clear that despite dealing with the virus for nearly 18 months, the current disposition of where the world is at with regard to COVID-19 is “not good.”

“We are still running to catch up with the virus and the virus is still running after us,” Houssin said at a recent press briefing. He went on to describe the various ways in which different countries respond to the pandemic, along with the growing scare of deadlier variants as a “source of difficulty” for the World Health Organization.

The professor’s comments came as a result of the organization’s eighth meeting on the COVID-19 pandemic. During the meeting, they spoke of how “rich” nations were beginning to ease restrictions while poorer nations experience new waves of COVID-19 cases.

“The pandemic is nowhere near finished,” the committee concluded at the meeting, UPI noted, adding that the W.H.O. recognizes “the strong likelihood for the emergence and global spread of new and possibly more dangerous variants of concern that may be even more challenging to control.”

W.H.O. chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus warned that some have falsely assumed that the pandemic has finally begun to wind down when, in reality, cases of the virus and related deaths are actually increasing worldwide.

Los Angeles masks up

As some mainstream media circles have reported incessantly, the Delta-19 variant of COVID-19 seems to be causing a spike in cases and hospitalizations in America, but only in certain parts of the country.

According to Reuters, one of those areas includes Los Angeles County, where county health officials created media waves this week after announcing that the county is returning to an indoor mask mandate, effective this weekend, as cases in the area surge.

“We’re requiring masking for everyone while indoors at public settings & businesses, regardless of vaccination status so that we can stop the increased level of transmission we’re seeing,” an announcement from the L.A. County Health Department’s Twitter account read.

The announcement once again renewed criticism from many who questioned why vaccinated individuals would be required to wear masks, calling into question the efficacy of the available COVID-19 vaccines.

Only time will tell if other counties, cities, or states follow suit and reinstitute mask mandates, but after the backlash witnessed during round one of the pandemic, it’ll undoubtedly be a challenging hurdle for local health officials to convince the American public to once again cover their faces.

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