Report asks who is watching Barron Trump while his mother is in the hospital

A blogger for a local Chicago publication is taking the First Lady’s hospital stay as a way to take another cheap shot at the Trump’s.

Howard Moore, who writes a blog for Chicago Now, recently penned a post titled, “Who has been watching Barron Trump this week?

What That Supposed to be Funny?

One only need to read the bio written by the author to realize his agenda.

While admitting the time for his blog had come to an end, he says it was revitalized with the presidency of Donald Trump.

Somehow, taking a shot at Trump and using Barron for the bulk of his schtick seemed to be funny for this no-talent hack.

Going After the Family

Not only did Mr. Moore go after the President, FLOTUS, and young Barron, but he also took the opportunity to go after the rest of the Trump family.

First, he uses the rest of the Trump children as reason for the President himself being able to take care of Barron.

Moore then rips into Donald Jr., Eric, and Ivanka as being unsuitable parents.

Even more despicable is his recommendation Trump would perhaps call up Stormy Davis, the porn star, for some help taking care of Barron over the next few days.

The entire column is nothing more than liberal garbage trying to be pushed off as some type of journalism.

Liberal Cheap Shots at Barron

This is not the first time we have seen a liberal use Barron for shock headlines.

As you may recall, Rosie O’Donnell, not exactly a mother of the year candidate, wrote some pretty disturbing accusations about Barron.

Then, she tried to play it off as though she was actually concerned about the boy’s well-being.

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You are a lowlife hack, Mr. Moore, so don’t worry about Barron.

The country can rest easy knowing full-well he is being taken care of properly, no thanks to your idiotic insinuations.

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