WHO advisory committee member calls out Chinese government for COVID cover-up

When former President Donald Trump raised the possibility that COVID-19 had leaked from a virology lab in Wuhan, China, and accused the communist Chinese regime of covering it up, he was roundly condemned for spreading baseless and racist conspiracy theories.

That lab leak theory is now gaining steam, however, and a member of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) advisory committee asserted that the Chinese regime remains engaged in a cover-up, and blew the whistle on a sham WHO probe into the matter, Fox News reported.

“Massive cover-up”

WHO advisory committee member Jamie Metzl made the claim on Monday during an appearance on Fox News’ America’s Newsroom. While he had high praise for WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus for finally calling out the Chinese government for its refusal to be transparent about the origin of COVID-19, he acknowledged that the organization failed in that regard early on in the pandemic.

Likening the need for an investigation into COVID’s origin to a probe into a plane crash — both to figure out what happened but also to prevent future accidents — Metzl said, “For all we know, the next pandemic is just around the corner and if we don’t understand and fix our biggest problems, we’re going to be at unnecessary risk. We have to get to the bottom of this, which means asking that tough questions and following the data wherever it leads.”

With regard to the prior failed attempt by WHO to investigate the possibility of a lab leak from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, Metzl said, “The problem that we face here isn’t the WHO. It’s not even really Dr. [Anthony] Fauci.”

He continued, “The Chinese have engaged in a massive cover-up that is going on until this day, involving destroying samples, hiding records, placing a universal gag order on Chinese scientists and imprisoning Chinese citizen journalists asking the most basic questions.”

“We can’t give China a veto”

Metzl insisted that, whether China participated or not, there remains a dire need for a thorough investigation into the origin of the COVID pandemic to determine if it did indeed develop naturally among animals and then jump to humans or if it had been manipulated and stored and then accidentally leaked from the Wuhan lab.

“We need to do everything possible to have a full investigation,” Metzl said, according to the New York Post. “If China will allow it, that’s great. If they won’t allow it, we need to have a parallel process with the United States working with allies and partners around the world.”

“The more that China stonewalls, the more suspicious that it looks,” he added. “China may not want to investigate the origins of this pandemic, or maybe they already know how it started, but we can’t give China a veto over whether or not we investigate the worst pandemic in a century and then do everything we can to make everybody safe.”

Lab leak theory no longer dismissed

The Post noted that, after initially being dismissively mocked for more than a year, the COVID lab leak theory has recently gained more acceptability and serious coverage among some in the media in light of some recent revelations that lend credence to the idea.

That includes the recent revelation that at least three researchers at the Wuhan lab were hospitalized with COVID-like symptoms just prior to the start of the pandemic, as well as emails to and from Dr. Fauci last year acknowledging the lab leak possibility, not to mention President Joe Biden’s order last month instructing the U.S. intelligence community to more thoroughly review all information regarding the origin of the virus and report back to him in 90 days.

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