Gov. Whitmer exposed for travel to Florida after warning Michiganders against visiting the state

Democratic Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has been among the nation’s strictest leaders in terms of responding to the coronavirus pandemic, imposing stringent lockdown orders and business restrictions on the populace, including strongly discouraging out-of-state travel or even gathering with family members who don’t live in the same household.

Recent reports indicate that Whitmer, in another example of “do as I say and not as I do,” recently traveled to Florida to visit with her ailing father, even as she had explicitly discouraged other Michiganders from traveling to and from that particular state, Breitbart reported.

The Democratic governor was unapologetic and dismissive when called out over the apparent double standard, as so many other hypocritical politicians have been when similarly caught violating their own standards applied to constituents over the past year.

Visited her father in Florida

Michigan’s independent MIRS News reported Monday that, according to Whitmer’s Communications Director Tiffany Brown, the governor traveled out of state to see her father about a month ago. Though Brown didn’t specify where Whitmer had traveled, MIRS noted that her father, Richard Whitmer, lives in Florida.

“Her dad was fully vaccinated, and the governor is tested regularly and has never tested positive for COVID,” Brown told the media outlet and noted that the trip did not use state resources but was funded at the governor’s own personal expense.

She added that Whitmer wasn’t merely vacationing but rather had provided assistance to “her elderly father who is battling a chronic illness.”

To be sure, it’s understandable Whitmer wanted to visit her ailing father. That said, how many Michiganders were strongly discouraged, if not even outright prohibited, from similarly visiting with ill family members over the past year?

Michiganders warned against traveling to Florida

This revelation is particularly noteworthy in light of the fact that, likely just a few days after returning from visiting her father in Florida, the Associated Press reported on April 2 that Whitmer explicitly warned her state’s residents from traveling to the Sunshine State for Spring Break or a vacation.

Furthermore, the revelation of Whitmer’s visit to Florida also came just days after she had dismissed questions regarding similar out-of-state trips by one of her top aides and a senior state health official, again in contradiction to what the governor’s administration was telling the people of Michigan.

Breitbart reported separately that it was recently revealed that Whitmer’s Chief Operations Officer Tricia Foster vacationed in Florida around the same time that Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Director Elizbeth Hertel vacationed at the beach in Alabama.

“I’m not gonna get distracted by partisan hit jobs on my team,” Whitmer said in reply to questions about the apparent double standard, and added, “What directors do on their personal time is their business, so long as they are safe.”

Whitmer also played semantics by asserting that “there have never been travel restrictions in Michigan,” a potentially false technicality that obscures the fact that, if not outright banned, travel both within and out of the state has been limited and strongly discouraged at various points over the past year.

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