Fox News host says White House ‘undisciplined’ after John Kelly resignation

One of the strongest personalities in the Trump administration has decided to call it quits.

By the end of the year, John Kelly, who Brett Baier believes brought structure to an undisciplined White House, will be out as chief of staff for President Donald Trump, leaving what Baier called an “undisciplined” West Wing in his wake.

Getting Things on Schedule

As a news anchor, Fox’s Brett Baier may be the best in the business right now.

He holds no punches and you would never know his personal beliefs as he sits at the desk and reads the nightly news.

Still, one of his early criticisms on the Trump administration was that it seemed to be like an out-of-control train.

There was no structure in how things were being done.

This was due to a combination of a president unfamiliar with political protocols and staff members that were, quite frankly, afraid to confront the president.

When Kelly was brought in, that all changed.

Kelly added a strict military background and organization skills that were much needed at the time.

He cut back access to Trump, tried to get him to tweet less, and, as Baier stated: “He made the trains run on time.”

That Was Then…

As the calendar gets ready to flip, Trump’s administration has new concerns.

In addition to keeping a schedule, there is the looming re-election campaign that must begin.

This is not exactly Kelly’s wheelhouse, so it makes perfect sense for Trump to bring someone else in as 2020 looms.

Unlike the Rex Tillerson and Jeff Sessions departures, this split seems to be an amicable one.

President Trump was quite complimentary of Kelly and thanked him for all he has done for this administration and his country.

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The leading candidate to take Kelly’s place is reportedly Nick Ayers, who is currently serving as the chief of staff for Vice President Mike Pence.

Ayers’ history makes him far more ideal than Kelly to take on a Democrat House as well as the rigors of running a re-election campaign while still staying focused on running the country.

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