White House set to veto humanitarian aid bill

President Donald Trump is trying to get the money from Congress to help improve border facilities, but he refused to give Democrats a blank check in the process.

After Democrats loaded several poison pills into the humanitarian aid legislation, the White House has stated that Trump will veto the bill as it stands right now.

Poison Pills

Quite frankly, the situation regarding Congress and the humanitarian aid has gotten completely out of hand.

Initially, the legislation was supposed to be a clean bill for humanitarian aid. Meaning, no additional riders, and no hidden agendas, just the aid.

As the situation played out, however, Democrats started to load up the bill with clauses to hurt the administration’s immigration policies. Dems figured they had Trump over a barrel here. They have created mass outrage over the conditions at the border.

Additionally, their policies are encouraging more and more illegal immigrants to cross the border, which is continuing to overwhelm the border facilities.

Now, they loaded up the legislation knowing full well Trump could not sign something like this.

So, the Dems have created the crisis, blamed it on Trump, now fail to address it, and they are getting away with blaming the Trump administration for that as well.

Dead in the Water

As it stands right now, the legislation, even if it makes its way through Congress, will not be signed by President Trump.

To do so would be write off immigration for the rest of his presidency, something he surely is not willing to do.

Meanwhile, these children are being played like pawns by Democrats. These kids need diapers, toothpaste — all basic necessities, but our border agencies are running out of money.

Facilities that are meant to hold 4,000 have more than 10,000 immigrants in holding. The sad thing is, though, that the moment Trump vetoes the bill, a crisis made by Democrat lawmakers gets dumped right back into Trump’s lap again.

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