Woman attempts to breach White House security in unauthorized SUV

Another lunatic tried to get onto secure grounds this week, but the suspect was thwarted by authorities.

The driver of an unauthorized SUV was taken into custody by the Secret Service early Thursday morning after trying to infiltrate White House grounds.

Not Again

How many times since Trump has been in office has there been an attempt to gain unauthorized access to the White House?

It’s not uncommon for certain determined individuals to scheme to sneak onto the White House grounds, this approach, however, is one of the more unique attempts in recent memory.

Normally they just crash the gate or try to climb a fence, but the reportedly female driver tried to piggyback on another authorized vehicle to circumvent security.

The attempt happened at 4:45 a.m. on Thursday morning, likely thinking the early hour would make it easier.

The Secret Service immediately pounced and took the suspect into custody.

What Motive?

The driver has been charged with unlawful entry, but why this person was trying to get onto White House grounds is still unknown, however.

When the stop was made, police were seen rifling through the car to see if there was anything threatening inside or to uncover a possible motive.

When all was said and done, the street was littered with the contents of the vehicle, including what appeared to an ample amount of some rather colorful clothing…

According to the Washington Examiner, the still-unidentified female driver has been attempting to gain access to the White House grounds for the last month.

The attempted penetration of White House grounds did halt traffic for a bit, but the area was soon reopened for both pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

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