White House says you didn't hear that newest Biden blunder

 April 25, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

The White House is telling you that you didn't hear Joe Biden's latest blunder. Even if you heard it.

That would be when he read the "instructions" from his teleprompter, those words telling him not what words to use but how to deliver them. As in "Pause."

Which he did. And said.

See it. And hear it:

"FOUR MORE YEARS," Biden reads. "PAUSE"

As the crowd starts the "completely staged," "Four more years."

The White House, later releasing a "transcript" of the comments, informed the public their ears were wrong.

The White House called Biden's "PAUSE" "inaudible."

"Who are you going to believe: The White House or your lying ears?" demanded reporter Kyle Becker.

Commentary at Twitchy explained:

"It's clear from the video that Biden read the 'pause' instruction before a staged and not exactly heartfelt 'four more years' chant went around the room. Even though what Biden said was pretty clear, the White House transcript decided to help gloss over it."

Commentator Megyn Kelly called it out: "This is the perfect embodiment of the Biden presidency – don't believe your lyin' eyes and ears … The economy is fixed! The border is secure! Crime is over! Men are women! The WH staff can't keep up…"

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