White House pressures mayor NOT to call migrant crisis an ’emergency’

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Ever since Joe Biden took office and trashed all of President Donald Trump’s border security measures, like the Remain in Mexico program, there’s been a crisis at America’s southern border.

Literally, millions of illegals have flooded in since that change happened, despite various wild claims by government officials that the border is “secure” or “closed.”

Now it’s becoming clear why those claims are being repeated: because to fully recognize the extent of the damage being inflicted on America would look bad for Biden.

It’s a report in the New York Post that confirms the mayor of El Paso, Texas, revealed at a recent city council meeting that the “White House has asked, at this point, for us not” to declare a state of emergency because of the migrants.

The Post reported, “The White House pressured the Democratic mayor of El Paso, Texas, to not declare a state of emergency over the city’s migrant crisis due to fear it would make President Biden look bad.”

The report said at least three of the city’s council members have asked Mayor Oscar Leeser for that designation.

“But Leeser admitted during a private phone conversation last month that he’d been directed otherwise by the Biden administration, one of the officials told The Post.”

Council member Claudia Rodrigeuz told the Post the mayor revealed: “the White House asked him not to.”

The Post reported Rep. Tony Gonzales, R-Texas, whose district includes border areas near El Paso, said he had been similar accounts.

He called the Biden administration’s pursuit of silence on the issue a “sleight of hand” and described it as “pressuring the local government to not issue a declaration of emergency, to say as if everything is going OK.”

Leeser declined to speak to the Post.

The Post reported earlier that the designation was under consideration because it would have made the city and county eligible for state and federal funding to pay for shelters for immigrants.

Tens of thousands of illegals have arrived in El Paso under Biden’s programs, and thousands have been shipped off to New York City.

Fox News reported that just this week, nearly two years after triggering the crisis, the Biden administration said it would pursue border operations with Mexico involving more checkpoints and resources for illegals.

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