White House official received multi-million-dollar severance package from Fox News

When Bill Shine resigned from Fox News to take over as the White House Communications Deputy Chief, nobody saw this coming.

As per Shine’s severance package, he received $8.4 million dollars.

Ethical Questions

Liberals are already jumping all over the ethical questions surrounding Shine’s package.

As part of his deal, he will receive roughly $3.5 million in bonuses and options both this year and next.

That means a member of the Trump administration is being paid by both the White House and 21st Century Fox over the next two years.

The package is set to expire in May of 2019.

Had it been any other company or administration, this probably would not be such a big deal.

However, as liberals have taken to calling Fox News Trump’s personal news outlet, there are some very serious questions now being asked about the arrangement.

Hiring News Employees

While this case is getting some extra attention, rest assured previous presidents have followed this play book for White House officials.

Virtually every recent president has hired someone working for a major news outlet, usually in their communications department.

Point being, it would not be shocking to learn those individuals also received significant packages after their departure from their respective companies.

It is also a fairly safe assumption these individuals were receiving package benefits while working for the White House.

For larger packages, it is quite normal for the benefits to be paid out over months or years, depending upon the position and amount of benefits to be paid.

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In other words, liberals are once again making much ado about nothing here.

This is very much “business as usual,” especially for someone that held a title as high up in the food chain as Shine.

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