White House now sounds just like Hamas in Gaza

 December 4, 2023

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Amid the ongoing war between the Islamic terrorists of Hamas and the Middle East's primary democracy, Israel, Hamas, and its supporters often have referenced the human cost to civilians in Gaza as Israel works to wipe out the terrorists.

It's not surprising there are civilian casualties there, given that Hamas terrorists frequently locate their military bases at or near – even underneath – hospitals, schools, and historic sites, seeking to use them as shields.

The Joe Biden White House verbally has continued its commitment to Israel's right to defend itself and fight terrorism.

But the actual words have taken on a new meaning, as they reprise the messaging that has been coming from Hamas itself.

On social media, Kamala Harris claimed she and Biden were clear: "Israel has a right to defend itself, and we will remain steadfast in that conviction."

However, she charged that Israel must respect "international humanitarian law," because, of course, "too many Palestinians have been killed."

She ordered that Israel "must do more to protect innocent civilians."

During her short message, she didn't address the 1,400 innocent civilians in Israel who were butchered by Hamas, from babies being beheaded to entire families being burned alive. Women were raped and worse.

He said the White House doesn’t support Israel's operations against Hamas in the southern part of Gaza "unless or until they have factored in all those additional civilians" there.

"We have made two points here: One, we’ve told the Israelis, very consistently, we don’t support southern operations unless or until they have factored in all those additional civilians — actually, all civilians, but noting that there are now hundreds of thousands more civilians. Number two, … we have also urged them to think about how to do this in a way that keeps those civilians safe.

"Now, I don’t want to get into whether there [are] safe zones called for or what that could look like, but we certainly want to see them pursue these operations in a way that properly accounts for that civilian population, and [that], to the maximum degree that it can, inoculate[s] them from these combat operations, so that they’re not in harm’s way, that they’re not caught in the crossfire between Israel and Hamas."

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