White House responds to Nadler’s invitation to impeachment hearing

Last week, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) invited Trump and/or his personal attorney to attend the next impeachment hearings.

But due to both the timing of the hearings as well as certain conditions put on them, Trump and his counsel have decided to stay away.

Sending out the invite

Trump has stated several times that he would love to attend the hearings, not only to testify, but also to question witnesses.

When word of his desires got out, Nadler jumped all over it as a chance to generate some headlines. Nadler’s office eventually sent a letter to Trump, issuing the president a deadline of Dec. 6 to let the committee know if he would be attending.

Time would tell, though, that this was nothing more than yet another underhanded tactic being used by Democrats to create negative press about Donald Trump.

Conditional appearance

While Trump was invited to take part in the hearings, there were some conditions set for him to do so. For instance, Trump would have to allow Democrats to call whatever witnesses they wanted without any objections.

The committee also wanted carte blanche to obtain any documentation it wanted during the course of the hearings. Basically, Dems wanted Trump to show his cards before the Senate trial so he could not hit them with any surprises when that time comes.

Donald Trump is not about to concede these measures, though, so instead of attending, he will allow the hearings to go on without his presence.

Actually, Trump ripped Democrats this morning for holding the early hearings while he is in London at the NATO conference.

The Democrat narrative also took a major hit after an interview with Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky was published in Time.

Zelensky, again, stated that no quid pro quo took place. He also slammed Democrats for the constant statements that portray Ukraine as still being corrupt.

While Dems rail on that holding back the aid caused problems in the relationship between Ukraine and the United States, Republicans can now use this to fight back.

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