White House invokes Hatch Act to avoid questions about White House cocaine

July 6, 2023
World Net Daily

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The fact that a bag of cocaine was found in the White House last week, triggering a lockdown and investigation, has been in the news all week.

Mostly because Joe Biden administration officials have refused to respond to questions, such as who owned it, when was it "dropped," and even where it was found.

Now Biden officials have boosted the controversy to a whole new level: They are claiming that the Hatch Act gives them an exemption from answering questions about someone getting high at the White House.

Much speculation has focused on Hunter Biden, who was at the White House about that time and is well known for his drug use. But there's no confirmation of any connection yet.

What did happen, according to a report from Fox News, is that facing questions on Thursday, White House officials said they couldn't comment because of the federal law that prevents them from using their official offices, titles, and position from campaigning.

Fox described bluntly, "Experts were baffled."

Specifically, officials have refused to answer whether it belonged to Hunter Biden or Joe Biden.

White House deputy press secretary Andrew Bates was asked during a Thursday press gaggle whether the president can deny that he or his son owned the cocaine found at the White House – a charge leveled by former President Donald Trump," the report said.

To which Bates responded with a reference to Hatch.

He claimed, "I don't have a response to that, because we have to be careful about the Hatch Act. What I will say is that I have noticed there does seem to be some increasing frustration coming from that corner in general, and I think it is probably rooted in the contrast between their substantive policy records."

He then criticized President Trump's record.

That still wasn't an explanation, however. It was lawyer Bradley P. Moss who told Fox News Digital he is "candidly at a loss as to why Mr. Bates believes the Hatch Act is relevant with respect to addressing that question."

Ex-Bush administration ethics chief Richard Painter confirmed he's lectured at the White House and has published articles on the law, but it "does not cover snorting cocaine."

"The same White House who said 'mega MAGA' from the briefing room podium (therefore violating the Hatch Act)," Republican State Leadership Committee communications director Mike Joyce wrote.

"Can't make this stuff up folks," he added.

Biden, himself, repeatedly has ignored shouted questions about the issue.

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