White House installs new perimeter fencing in anticipation of post-election unrest

In anticipation of possible protests or rioting in the aftermath of Election Day results, the Trump administration is taking preemptive measures to ensure the safety of the White House and its occupants.

As such, preparations are already underway to protect the executive residence another federal property in D.C., including the rapid construction of a perimeter wall around the White House complex, as reported by Breitbart.

Familiar fencing

Along with the construction of so-called “no-climb” fencing around the White House, a contingent of National Guard troops have also been deployed in the nation’s capital.

A number of federal law enforcement agencies are also on standby to provide resources as necessary in the event of a threat against federal buildings or other civil unrest within the district.

Fox News reported this week that the fencing is similar to a barrier erected earlier this year at the height of protests and riots during the summer.

The same type of fence would have also been placed around the White House regardless of other circumstances ahead of Inauguration Day in January.

According to reports, the fence varies in height from seven to nine feet tall and has been proven effective in preventing intruders from scaling it and illicitly entering protected properties.

Agencies on standby

D.C. Metro Police Chief Peter Newsham said that his agency has not received any “credible threats” of violence, but noted several large groups of activists and protests had sought permits for gatherings in the wake of the election.

Social media accounts have circulated rumors of widespread civil unrest after the votes are tallied and a number of businesses throughout D.C. and other major cities have boarded up businesses or taken other precautions.

Geoff Bennett of NBC News reported that, in addition to the White House fence, 250 National Guard troops have been activated and placed on standby to assist Metro Police officers if necessary.

The outlet further reported that Department of Homeland Security personnel, including agents from Customs and Border Protection and Immigration and Customs Enforcement, have been activated and are available to defend any federal property in the district.

As one CBP spokesperson told NBC News: “As a law enforcement component under the DHS Protecting American Communities Task Force (PACT), CBP will continue to provide support, as requested, to the Federal Protective Service to protect Federal facilities and property if needed and to local law enforcement partners if requested.”

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