White House hopeful criticized for what he did after his pregnant wife fainted

The New York Post reports that Rollan Roberts II is facing significant criticism for his rather lackluster response to his pregnant wife passing out. 

For those unfamiliar with Roberts, he is a West Virginia businessman who is running, as a Republican, for the U.S. presidency in 2024.

The incident involving his wife, in fact, took place as he was announcing his candidacy. It was caught on camera. Take a look:

What happened?

The above video, which is 16 seconds long, is from an event that Roberts held at the West Virginia State Capitol, on Jan. 20, to announce his presidential bid.

The video picks up with Roberts in the middle of his speech. Roberts is on stage, speaking at the podium, with his pregnant wife – Rebecca Lea Roberts – and two aides standing just behind him.

” . . . and keeping every American safe by preparing us . . .” Roberts says, as, in the background, his wife becomes noticeably off-balance and falls to the ground. The aide who was standing by her did notice what was happening and he tried to arrest her fall.

Roberts does stop his speech and directs his attention over to his passed-out wife. But, for five long seconds that’s all he does.

The video shows many individuals coming to Robecca Robert’s aid. Many individuals, that is, except for her husband. Rollan Roberts was seemingly the last person to go over to check on his pregnant wife.

Why the delay?

Roberts, according to the Post, has been receiving much criticism for his lack of action after his five-month pregnant wife passed out.

One social media user, according to the Post, asked, “Why did it take him so damn long to react?!” Another wrote, “I love that no fewer than four people went to her aid before he bothered to.”

The West Virginia Daily News reports that, after first responders took care of his wife, Roberts said:

Can we give a hand to the medical team for their assistance? She (Rebecca) is five months pregnant. Her blood pressure is fine, so we thank the Lord for this.

Roberts appears to have made things worse for himself by posting a video of his speech, on YouTube, in which he edited out the fainting of his wife.

Roberts clearly realizes that the whole incident is not a good look. It is about as inauspicious a start to his presidential run as he could have imagined. After all, who is going to vote for the guy who didn’t immediately rush to the aid of his pregnant wife?

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