White House drafting documents to revoke more security clearances

The White House is about to introduce something that should be common sense — but we know the mainstream media will not take it that way.

According to reports, the administration is drawing up documents to revoke security clearances of those no longer in government service.

No Need

Giving private citizens access to classified information is just plain stupid.

For some reason in this country, after high-ranking officials retire, they are allowed to continue to keep that clearance after they leave service.

The only way this should be acceptable is if they are working in a government or private sector role that requires them to maintain a security clearance.

Otherwise, they should lose it.

If they later obtain a position where a security clearance is needed, they can then go through the checks again and have it restored.

Media Scrutiny

The media is already jumping all over this story as if Trump is releasing a plague on the nation.

Former CIA Director John Brennan, who recently had his clearance pulled, is trying to play it off as though Trump is trying to punish people for criticizing him.

As a response to Trump removing Brennan’s clearance, dozens of former CIA agents have spoken out against the measure.

They all insist this is a way for Trump to punish his critics, but they are wrong.

If Brennan is not in office or being consulted by our government, why does he need access to classified documents?

Nobody is stopping Brennan from expressing his opinion for or against policies of this administration.

He will just need to do without reading over classified documents first.

To avoid scrutiny, Trump should just do this across the board.

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In addition, several other publications are suggesting that Trump is doing this as a way to push other negative stories off the front pages.

If they would take a take a deep breath before speaking, though, they would realize this is more about protecting classified information than it is silencing someone’s voice or trying to dominate the news cycle.

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