White House doctor: Trump has tested negative for COVID-19 several times

President Donald Trump got the news he has been waiting for on Monday.

White House Physician Dr. Sean Conley announced that President Trump has tested negative for COVID-19 on multiple tests, reports The Hill.

Negative for COVID-19

On Saturday, President Trump was cleared by his doctors to publicly appear again.

Without confirming that Trump had tested negative, Dr. Conley stated that he was no longer a danger to transmit. The media immediately latched on to that omission, wondering what Trump’s doctors were trying to hide.

At it turns out, they were hiding nothing, just waiting on more tests to get confirmed.

On Monday, Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany released Dr. Conley’s formal statement confirming that Trump has tested negative in consecutive antigen tests.

Back to work

It didn’t take long for Trump to embrace the news and get back out on the campaign trail. By Monday night, he had flown to Florida to hold a rally, which was packed with supporters.

This was good news for Trump because recent polls have him in a virtual tie with Biden for the battleground state.

On Tuesday, after Trump finished up a full day of work, he was scheduled to visit Pennsylvania, another tightly contested state, for a rally.

It will be more of the same on Wednesday, with Trump scheduled to fly to Iowa for yet another evening rally.

Honestly, it is tough to imagine that about a week ago, the media was portraying him as at death’s door. Whatever treatment Trump was given at Walter Reed should be given to everyone, because his turnaround has been a thing of legend.

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