White House appears to cut Biden’s feed mid-sentence

President Joe Biden has a long history of uttering embarrassing and nonsensical gaffes, which has kept his aides on their toes whenever he attempts to deliver unscripted remarks.

During an appearance in Boise, Idaho, on Monday, it appears that the White House cut the audio and video feed just as the president began to answer questions from reporters. 

“Thank you for joining”

According to Fox News, Biden was in the area to tour the National Interagency Fire Center, which aids in coordinating the federal, state, and local resources needed to battle wildfires.

He previously delivered remarks during a briefing alongside several officials, including George Geissler of the National Association of State Foresters.

Biden seemed to be attempting to solicit additional information from Geissler when the feed suddenly cut out and was replaced by a screen that simply stated: “Thank you for joining.”

The moment caught the attention of several prominent Biden critics, such as the Republican National Committee research team.

Troubling trend of video, audio interruptions

As Fox News noted, this was not the first such incident in which the White House appeared to suddenly cut off a live feed as soon as Biden began to diverge from his scripted remarks.

Just a few weeks ago, a similar incident occurred when a reporter began to ask Biden about Americans stranded in Afghanistan. The president smirked and began to reply, but the video abruptly ended.

The RNC’s research arm also memorialized that moment in a tweet.

In March, Biden held a virtual meeting with Democratic lawmakers. That event suddenly went offline shortly after the president’s prepared remarks concluded and he offered to take some questions.

These timely technical difficulties appear even more disconcerting in light of Biden’s repeated acknowledgment that he has been instructed not to take questions from the media. Further reports signal that White House staffers have quietly admitted that they deliberately limit his interactions with the press in hopes of protecting him and the administration from the fallout of yet another embarrassing gaffe.

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