Report: White House considers easing sanctions amid pressure from Iran

Joe Biden seems to have collapsed in the face of bullying from Iran.

According to the Associated Press, the U.S. president is currently exploring plans to remove sanctions on Iran in return for promises that the Middle Eastern nation will comply with an Obama-era nuclear deal.

Iran had given Biden an ultimatum that he must lift sanctions before talks can begin, and Biden was apparently quick to bow to the pressure, despite his counterparts having had no leverage whatsoever.

Now, thanks to Uncle Joe, Iran seems to be holding all the cards.

Foreign policy failure

According to American Military News, Iran’s deputy foreign minister, Abbas Araqchi, said “Iran’s policy in this regard is clear and simple.”

“The United States must return to the Vienna nuclear agreement, fulfill the deal in accordance with the treaty, and lift sanctions against Iran,” he said.

Araqchi’s statement seems to confirm reports that Iran is in serious economic trouble and is quickly cracking under the pressure of U.S. sanctions. If Biden had any resolve, he would have reminded Iran that they are the ones who need relief, and without it, they face economic collapse.

Of course, Iran’s arrogance is nothing new. An anonymous source from Iran’s state-run Press TV said: “In line with the unchangeable guideline of Iran’s [Supreme] Leader, any result of the [nuclear accord commission] which would be based on the idea of a step-by-step removal of the sanctions or indirect negotiations with the U.S. will not be acceptable.”

Indeed, Iran is making demands they’re in no place to make — yet the Biden administration has failed to stand up to them. Instead of strongly hitting back, the White House gave Iran’s leadership ground by outlining plans that could be pursued to ease sanctions, as reports noted.

Time for Plan B

While the details aren’t exactly clear, it seems as if Biden is willing to lift sanctions to get Iran to the table and negotiating. But would Iran really be coming to talk in good faith?

It’s hard to imagine such a scenario.

After decades of trying, it’s become clear that only way to force Iran to the table is to threaten them with more economic damage. A nuclear-capable Iran is a threat to the entire world, a fact former President Donald Trump understood, but that Biden seems to be missing. It’s time for Washington to come up with a new plan of action — and there’s no time to waste.

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