White House confirms in public statement: ‘The president did nothing wrong’

While Democrats insist that President Donald Trump is going to get impeached, the White House is telling everyone to pump the brakes a little bit.

During Wednesday’s press conference, Sarah Huckabee Sanders reiterated that President Trump “did nothing wrong.”

Won’t Let Up

Anyone that watched Sanders’ press conference could not help but wonder how she does this day in and day out.

The tone of the reporters alone would be enough to set most people off.

They are aggressive, accusatory, and flat out disrespectful.

The question about the alleged acts of the president was one of the first questions asked and answered during the presser.

That was not good enough for the media, though.

Virtually every member of the media rephrased the question in the hopes of getting Sanders to slip up, but it never happened.


As the press conference wore on, Sanders’ frustration was very apparent.

After hearing the question about a half dozen times, Sanders finally had had enough.

“I have addressed this a number of times,” Sanders said. “Just because you continue to ask the same questions over and over, I’m not going to give you a different answer.”

The media then started to focus on Paul Manafort, with several members of the press pursuing the same line of questioning.

Sanders once again shut them all right down.

The president’s press secretary told them Manafort’s case has “nothing to do with the president.”

Not only does it have nothing to do with Trump, it has nothing to do with the Russian collusion case Robert Mueller is investigating, which is where those charges originated from.

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But Sanders continued to be hounded about the possibility of a pardon for Manafort, something the president has never even discussed.

The display by the media is shameful but, sadly, it is probably just the beginning of what is shaping up to be a very negative news cycle for the president.

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