Melania Trump gives sneak peek at White House Christmas decorations

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it seems the first family is making preparations for Christmas.

Melania Trump shared some photos of the early stages of the White House Christmas decorations over the weekend — and they had quite a few people amped up.

Take a look:

Being Thankful

Many of the duties of the first lady are often overlooked by the media.

The fact that Melania Trump does not generally seek attention means even more of her work often goes unnoticed.

Decorating the White House is one of those duties, but the first lady can’t possibly do all that work on her own.

Per her tweet, decorating is well underway, and the first lady has several volunteers helping her create the holiday spirit at the White House.

In the pictures released, several of the volunteers were shown lending the first lady a hand.

She was also very obviously appreciative of their help, sending them a quick “thank you” in her tweet.

Presidential Approval

For all the talk about the alleged problems between the president and his first lady, you never would have known it when the president was checking out the official tree of the people.

The president and his wife held hands as they walked around the wagon that carried the tree to the White House.

All the while, President Trump was nodding in approval.

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With so much on the president’s plate, it is nice to know we have a first lady that can handle the details of these “expected” duties without a lot of fanfare.

If Melania’s decorations come close to the Halloween and Christmas displays she put up last year, everyone is going to be in for a real treat during the final reveal.

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