White House review pushes back release date for John Bolton’s book

Liberals are dying to see what former National Security Adviser John Bolton has to say in his book about his days in the Trump administration. But they are going to have to wait a bit longer.

The Washington Examiner is reporting that Bolton’s book release has been pushed back about two months.

Bad news for Bolton

As the impeachment hearings moved to the Senate in late January, details from Bolton’s upcoming book about his experience in the Trump administration were leaked to the media.

After it happened, the New York Post reported that Bolton’s attorneys blamed the leak on the White House. That, however, was highly unlikely, especially with what we now know about the situation.

As it turns out, the leak happened just as a pre-order link for the book went live. Rather than being a leak from the White House, it seemed as though the information came from someone inside Bolton’s camp to help promote book sales.

Besides, the White House had already sent the manuscript back to Bolton telling him it contained classified material that needed to be removed before the book could be released to the public.

Two-month delay

Initially, Bolton’s book was scheduled to be released on March 17. Now, The Room Where It Happened will not come out until sometime in May.

Since his book release has already been axed once, it is a fairly safe assumption that Bolton resubmitted a manuscript, and this new version is now under review by the agency responsible for vetting such works written by former government officials.

Any cordiality between Trump and Bolton went out the window after the book details leaked. Trump actually called Bolton a “traitor” at one point, and rumors were flying that Trump was trying to block the book from being published altogether.

Just what is in that book we don’t know, but putting the sensationalism aside that the media will surely generate, Bolton himself does not seem to think he has a smoking gun in there as Democrats believed he did.

Post-leak, Bolton made an appearance at Vanderbilt University where NBC News reported that Bolton stated,  “My testimony would have made no difference to the ultimate outcome [of the impeachment].” He also said he believed Democrats in the House committed “impeachment malpractice.”

There is little doubt the book will probably become a bestseller simply due to Trump Derangement Syndrome, but in the end, it will probably not matter a single bit in terms of preventing Trump from being re-elected.

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