Report: White House may block release of Mueller’s findings

In anticipation of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report being released, the media is already printing stories based on supposition rather than fact.

According to a recently published article on Bloomberg, the Trump administration is considering invoking executive privilege to block portions of the Mueller report from going public.

The Narrative

The big headline from Bloomberg has once again come from unnamed sources that are allegedly close to the White House.

According to the report, Trump’s legal team is already working behind the scenes to block certain portions of the report to go public.

When Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani was asked about it, he gave a pretty standard answer.

The former mayor of New York stated, “We will look at it and see if the president thinks there is a valid claim and if there is, we want to make it.”

If, and only IF, Trump thinks there is information in that report that would hurt his ability to do his job as president and that is considered privileged information, he would fight it out in court.

Mind you, that is a very big if.

We once again refer to the book “Fear,” by Bob Woodward.

To this point, President Trump has turned over every document Mueller has requested.

Trump has literally been an open book for the investigation and has not hindered it one bit.

While always thinking it was a witch hunt, Trump turned over tens of thousands of documents requested by Mueller and his team during this investigation.

In other words, he has been completely transparent the entire time.

Negative Coverage

The focus of the article proves the point that most media outlets are only covering this administration in a negative light.

They refuse to report positive events and even when things are neutral, such as this story, they turn the narrative in a way to negatively impact the administration.

Democrats are already insisting they will fight this tooth and nail, as well as subpoenaing the report in full if need be to make it public.

But even if Trump invokes executive privilege, he would have little recourse if Congress called Mueller to testify before them on this matter.

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In all likelihood, those hearings would be open, especially considering Congress is now controlled by Democrats.

Point being, the entire report is nothing more than an effort to shame Trump and once again portray the administration negatively without having a shred of proof that is his actual intent.

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