White House downplays ‘anonymous reports’ about VP Harris, toxic work environment

Vice President Kamala Harris has attracted some unwanted attention in recent days over reports of an “abusive” work environment among her staffers.

The Biden White House is apparently growing desperate to downplay the brewing scandal, and is now seeking to dismiss the anonymous sources, according to Breitbart.

Damning allegations surface

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki addressed the situation this week, declaring: “I would first note that I try not to speak to or engage on anonymous reports or anonymous sources.”

Critics of that statement, however, were quick to point out that the White House relies on citing anonymous sources on a variety of topics. Therefore, Psaki’s response struck some people as an indication that the Harris situation is even worse than it seems.

The vice president’s time in office has attracted widespread criticism, particularly over her reticence to visit the southern border and a counterproductive trip to Latin America after being pegged to serve as Biden’s “border czar.”

Now, a new scandal appears to be creating additional distractions for the Biden administration.

The latest anonymous complaints surfaced in a Politico report earlier this week in which individuals close to the vice president’s office named Harris as a major source of dysfunction.

Administration officials circle the wagons

“It’s not a place where people feel supported but a place where people feel treated like s***,” one individual declared.

In response to complaints about Harris and her chief of staff, Tina Flournoy, top spokeswoman Simone Sanders denounced the “cowards” who spoke anonymously to Politico.

“We are not making rainbows and bunnies all day,” she said. “What I hear is that people have hard jobs and I’m like, ‘Welcome to the club.’ We have created a culture where people, if there is anything anyone would like to raise, there are avenues for them to do so. Whoever has something they would like to raise, they should raise it directly.”

Psaki offered a few more thoughts about Harris, insisting that the vice president “has a challenging job, a hard job, and she has a great supportive team of people around her.”

Of course, complaints about a negative workplace environment are nothing new for the former U.S. senator and she has been receiving the wrong kind of attention since becoming vice president. In retrospect, it might have been a better idea for Psaki and others around Harris to ignore the story completely instead of adding more fuel to the fire.

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