White House calls on Americans to continue following COVID-19 guidelines

As the omicron variant prompts a spike in the COVID-19 infection rate, President Joe Biden is presenting Americans with an ultimatum.

Specifically, the White House suggested that life cannot get back to normal if citizens do not comply with a list of partisan proclamations such as wearing a face mask in most situations.

Biden issues latest COVID-19 decree

Like other statements before it, Tuesday’s announcement consisted of vague recommendations that have left many Americans confused about what progress in the fight against COVID-19 really means.

The White House statement falls in line with the prevailing Democratic Party narrative parroted since the early days of the pandemic, namely that the nation will remain locked down to some extent until Americans comply with all government demands.

The proclamation came out in advance of a planned speech by Biden in which he outlined his strategy to combat the virus going forward.

Given the current rate of infection, it seems that Americans will have to get used to the fact that COVID-19 will be around for the foreseeable future.

One potential bright spot in the latest reports, however, is that the omicron variant seems to be a milder form of the virus than previous strains.

“We’re going to trust individual Kansans”

While millions of Americans maintain that there is no longer a need for harsh restrictions in the name of public safety, many Democratic lawmakers and officials remain entrenched in their fearmongering. Critics say that progressives are interested in capitalizing on the power they have amassed throughout the pandemic — and Biden’s latest statement has only served to bolster that opinion.

The president has used frightening rhetoric to drive home his point, recently warning that a winter of “severe illness and death” is upon us.

While Biden and other Democratic leaders have convinced their detractors that harsh mandates are more about exerting power than stopping COVID-19, a number of GOP officials are fighting to overturn federal, state, and local restrictions seen as unwarranted infringements on individual rights.

In Kentucky, for example, GOP state Senate President Ty Masterson issued a statement last month explaining his position.

“We’re not going to let the Biden Administration force businesses to play God or doctor and determine whether a religious or medical exemption is valid or not,” he said. “We’re going to trust individual Kansans.”

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