Report: Two former White House aides said to be in romantic relationship

The Trump White House has another “scandal” to deal with.

Two former aides, Hope Hicks and Rob Porter, were spotted together in Central Park.

Hide and Seek

To see the surveillance photos, it is almost comical how badly these two were at concealing their alleged affair.

Hicks was jogging with a baseball cap pulled tightly over her eyes in a very weak effort to conceal her identity.

Then, conveniently, as she stopped to take a break, Porter showed up.

The couple managed to hover in the same area while not facing each other.

This little game continued until both left the park and headed back to Hicks’ apartment.

Saturday morning, Hicks was spotted leaving the apartment, only to return a bit later with a couple of bags of groceries.

Porter left as well, at a different time, then returned later with some flowers for his secret lover.

Resigning in Disgrace

Porter’s political career was cut short.

He was forced to resign amid domestic abuse allegations from his two ex-wives.

One ex released a photo of a black eye after an alleged beating by Porter.

His second ex claimed Porter started abusing her during their honeymoon, dragging her from the shower by her hair.

Initially, Trump defended Porter, but as the public heat was turned up, Porter was forced to resign his position.

Several months later, after having been interviewed about the Russian investigation, Hicks resigned from her position as White House Communications Director.

After resigning her position, she moved to New York.

Rumors have been running about these two since early February.

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They have been seen in public together, but they are always very restrained and careful not show any affection towards each other.

These latest photos from the Daily Mail, though, would seem to confirm the long-running rumors are true.

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