White House aide who cracked joke about John McCain dying has been fired

John McCain just got some very good news from the White House.

The aide, Kelly Sadler, that made the off-color comments about Senator McCain and his health dilemma has been fired.

Long Time Coming

Senator McCain openly objected to an appointment made by the Trump administration.

Sadler, in a moment she surely regrets, dismissed his objection.

Her reason being that McCain would be dead soon, so who really cared what he had to say.

It was no doubt an attempt at humor… and it went over like a bomb.

As things do these days, the comment was leaked out of the closed-door meeting and made public.

When McCain’s daughter, Meghan, found out, she was appalled.

She immediately called for action by the White House against Sadler.

Initially, the White House said it was handling the matter internally.

However, the cries for her dismissal grew louder and louder.

Finally, Ms. Sadler has been dismissed.

Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah has confirmed that she is “no longer employed within the Executive Office of the President.”


Even though McCain is a huge detractor of Donald Trump, most will agree Sadler went over the line.

The fact the Senator is dying puts him in that protected ground.

Meaning, he can pretty much say and do what he wants and those within the administration are pretty much going to have to sit back and take it.

Any rebuttal whatsoever against McCain makes it appear as though they are bullying a dying man.

Dismissing Sadler should go a long way to appease Trump’s detractors that have been waiting for something to be done to Sadler about her comment.

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However, this may now be a no-win situation for the administration.

The fact that it took this long for the firing could be interpreted as the administration bowing to pressure rather than doing the right thing of their own accord.

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