White House admits record voter turnout happens during ‘voter suppression’

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A spokeswoman for Joe Biden’s White House is claiming that voter “suppression” is going on in America now – even though some of the midterm’s early voting totals are setting records.

After all, those two actions – suppressing votes and seeing record turnouts – can “happen at the same time.”

That’s according to White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre.

She was asked about whether Biden still would claim that basic ballot security measures adopted by several states following the unsecure operations that were used during 2020 were Jim Crow 2.0.

The Biden administration has been critical of any state efforts to raise the integrity level for U.S. elections and has challenged most of those efforts in court.

The security measures are being adopted by various states after the 2020 election that saw ballot harvesters dumping armloads of ballots into unsecured drop boxes in the dark of night.

There also have been many disputes within states over the fact many of them refuse to clean their voter rolls and leave dead people on their lists.

Those were just part of the controversies over the 2020 presidential race, which experts confirm and polls reveal was impacted by the $400 million plus Mark Zuckerberg gave to foundations which handed the money to local election officials who recruited voters from Democrats areas.

Further, the FBI lobbied social media giants to suppress accurate, but very damaging, reporting about the Biden family’s international business dealings just days before the election. A poll reveals had that information been distributed ordinarily, Biden would have lost the election.

Jean-Pierre responded to the question about Jim Crow 2.0, “The president has been very clear, that based on the big lie, there have been a host of anti-voter policies forced on states that challenge America’s fundamental right to vote … This is against our most basic values, including respect for the law and the Constitution. And speaking generally … high voter turnout and voter suppression can take place at the same time.”

Fox News explained that was Jean-Pierre’s explanation of this year’s record voter turnout in Georgia, and how it aligned with Biden’s claims of voter suppression.

Biden claimed earlier that Georgia’s efforts to make voting more secure and more transparent were “Jim Crow 2.0.”

Asked if the White House is “observing instances of voter suppression in Georgia, and other states that adopted some of these laws over the last two years,” Jean-Pierre didn’t answer.

Georgia officials recently reported that 400,000 voters had cast ballots, as of Oct. 19, up 63% from the same period in 2018.

Fox reported that Georgia officials still are waiting for Biden’s apology for his accusation about Jim Crow 2.0.

“How many turnout records do we have to break before Stacey Abrams and President Biden apologize to Georgia?” said Gabriel Sterling, chief operating officer of the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office.

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