White House admits 'fixing' Biden's statements 148 times THIS YEAR!

 April 30, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

What Joe Biden says isn't what Joe Biden says, it seems.

His multiple verbal blunders and mistakes are common knowledge these days – he admitted just a few days ago that voters wouldn't be able to trust "us."

report at the Daily Caller said the publication analyzed his speeches, and their transcripts, and the communications staff "has had to correct President Joe Biden's public remarks at least 148 times since the beginning of 2024."

The report explains, "The White House releases an official transcript anytime the president gives a speech or takes questions. Communications staff frequently correct, add to or alter Biden’s official remarks in order to either bring them into compliance with official White House policy or, in some cases, reality, a Daily Caller analysis showed. In several cases, official statements had to be changed to convey the exact opposite of what Biden actually said."

Biden actually is averaging more than one "fix" per statement or speech, as only 118 of those been released, with the 148 corrections.

Sometimes it involves fixes to names or dates; other times it fixers the verbs and modifies "the meaning of the president's statement entirely," the report said.

Or words that he should have said, but didn't, are added.

For example, one time he said, "We must be honest: The threat to democracy must be defended," when he should have said, "…must be defeated."

Just last week, he read the teleprompter instruction "Pause" out loud. When the transcript came out, that word was called "inaudible."

He once claimed that 720 million Americans had gotten the COVID vaccine. There are only about 333 million, so his number was changed in the transcript to 270 million.

One of Biden's addresses to the State of the Union was fixed 13 times.

WND reported when the "pause" became" inaudible.

"FOUR MORE YEARS," Biden reads. "PAUSE"

"Who are you going to believe: The White House or your lying ears?" demanded reporter Kyle Becker.

RedState commented, "If it weren't for the fact that they are running interference for the worst president in the history of the republic, and one of the most deeply and fundamentally corrupt political figures since Huey Long - maybe Caligula - I'd almost feel sorry for White House staffers. These poor saps are trying to cover up President Joe Biden's mental and physical decline, and it's getting harder by the day. Every time the president speaks, it's another Gaffe-A-Palooza, and the problem is this: Every time he speaks, the White House has to issue an official transcript."

It pointed out, "It's not always correcting the things he said, it's adding things he 'should have said, but didn't.' You know - for context."

It continued, "Granted, the president could use some second-guessing, as his first guesses aren't generally very good. Joe Biden, throughout his long career in which he never has actually done an honest day's work, was never what you'd call an engaging speaker. Even at his prime - and I use the word 'prime' in the broadest possible sense - he was never more than a middling orator. I'm not talking about his supposed stutter; take a look at this clip from his speech in 1987, when he was forced to drop his presidential campaign over allegations of plagiarism, and you won't see any real evidence of that stutter."

"This is more than a speech impediment. It's a brain impediment. This is the ongoing mental and physical deterioration of the one man who is arguably the most powerful man on the planet. And it's getting more and more difficult to hide it."

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