White House admits Biden admin is considering shuttering the Line 5 pipeline

As Americans face soaring energy prices, inflation, and overall higher costs for everyday, essential items, it’s astonishing that the Biden administration is even remotely considering shutting down a major pipeline, yet, here we are.

According to Fox News, it was during a White House press briefing, held Monday by White House deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, at which she admitted the administration is currently studying the potential economic impact of shutting down the Line 5 pipeline in Michigan.

The Line 5 pipeline is a major energy transfer artery that originates in Western Canada, and pushes some 540,000 barrels of oil, per day, to the United States.

Doocy’s challenge

Fox News’ Peter Doocy, typically the only reporter in the room who isn’t afraid to ask questions that don’t involve the president’s favorite ice cream flavor, challenged Jean-Pierre on the administration’s stance on possibly shutting down the pipeline.

Doocy asked her why President Joe Biden’s administration is “now considering shutting down the Line 5 pipeline from Canada to Michigan,” which Jean-Pierre quickly labeled as “inaccurate reporting.”

“So, Peter, that is inaccurate,” Jean-Pierre responded. “That is not right. So any reporting indicating that some decision has been made, again, is not accurate.”

Doocy went on to correct the deputy press secretary, reiterating what he was asking. “I didn’t say ‘wanting,’” Doocy said. “I said, is it being studied right now? Is the administration studying the impact of shutting down the Line 5?”

Jean-Pierre had no option at that point other than to admit that yes, the administration is considering such a move. “Yes, we are. We are,” Jean-Pierre replied. “I thought you were saying that we were going to shut it down, but that is not inaccurate. The Army Corps of Engineers is preparing an environmental impact to look through this.”

Extreme backlash

Doocy’s question came in the wake of a Politico report from Sunday in which it was reported that the Biden administration was weighing the “potential market consequences” of shuttering such an important source of energy.

It doesn’t take an economics degree to understand that closing the Line 5 pipeline amid rising inflation and energy prices would spell an absolute disaster for America as the country braces for a possibly record-setting, cold winter season.

A group of Republicans sent a letter to the president earlier this month urging the administration not to take such a drastic and ridiculously risky direction with the pipeline, given the current challenges America faces on the energy front as it is.

Only time will tell if the Biden administration shuts it down, but if they do, tough times will undoubtedly get a lot tougher for millions of lower and middle-class Americans.

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