Conservative law firm says whistleblowers witnessed ‘potential ballot fraud on a massive scale’

Despite insistent denials from those in the media and various state governments, many Americans continue to believe that there was widespread fraud in the 2020 elections — and now, that belief seems to have been supported by an independent investigation.

According to Fox News, the Thomas More Society’s Amistad Project says multiple “whistleblowers” have come forward with sworn testimony regarding potential election fraud in crucial swing states. The conservative law firm suggests hundreds of thousands of ballots could have been affected.

The accounts of these whistleblowers, delivered during a press conference in Virginia on Tuesday, have since been turned over to the FBI for further investigation, according to reports.

Still, the bureau told Fox that it is its “standard practice to neither confirm nor deny the existence of investigations. As such, we will decline further comment,” the FBI said.

Whistleblowers speak out

The Washington Examiner reported that one of the project’s whistleblowers, a truck driver subcontractor of the United States Postal Service (USPS) named Jesse Morgan, claimed to have delivered on Oct. 21 a truckload of completed absentee ballots — estimated to be as many as 288,000 — from Bethpage, New York, to Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

But Morgan later learned that the trailer he delivered had disappeared and was unaccounted for.

A second whistleblower, named Nathan Pease, also a USPS subcontractor in Wisconsin, reportedly claimed that he had been informed by superiors that upwards of 100,000 absentee ballots were being collected on the day after the election and would be backdated, so as to appear that they had arrived prior to the state’s deadline.

A third whistleblower, a computer expert in Pennsylvania named Gregory Strenstrom, asserted that he had witnessed a Dominion Voting Systems vendor and local election officials “download and update counting machines in violation of election system protocol,” and saw the “comingling of machine jump drives in violation of election protocols and rendering audits impossible without direct forensic access to the machines,” the Examiner reported.

Further, other postal workers in Michigan and Pennsylvania swore to have witnessed the backdating of absentee ballots, as well as a concerted effort to separate campaign mailers for President Donald Trump into “Undeliverable Bulk Business Mail” bins, the Examiner noted.

“Fraud on a massive scale”

According to Just the News, Phill Kline, director of The Amistad Project, called the whistleblowers’ testimony “compelling” and said it constituted “powerful eyewitness accounts of potential ballot fraud on a massive scale.”

“This evidence joins with unlawful conduct by state and local election officials, including accepting millions of dollars of private funds, to undermine the integrity of this election,” Kline explained. His group asserted in a press release that it had obtained the sworn testimony of experts who alleged that “over 300,000 ballots are at issue in Arizona, 548,000 in Michigan, 204,000 in Georgia, and over 121,000 in Pennsylvania,” Just the News reported.

If what these whistleblowers allege in sworn affidavits is true — and all face the penalty of perjury if they’re lying — then it seems President Trump may have a chance to turn things around after all.

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