Whistleblower warns feds scheme to declare Christians ‘actual criminals’

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A federal government whistleblower says government officials are developing a scheme through which they would declare Christians to be criminals.

A report at Fox News explains whistleblower Kyle Seraphin discussed the issue on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

The report explained an internal document from the FBI’s Richmond field office “allegedly vowed to spy on ‘radical traditionalist Catholics and their ideology.'”

Seraphin told Carlson, “They have found a gateway in what they think is fringe Catholicism in order to move into Christians in general and declare them to be the actual criminals in this country or the potential terrorists.”

Seraphni continued, “I’m friends with people who love the Latin Mass. I grew up in a traditional school where I actually learned Latin in fifth and sixth grade and all the way through high school it doesn’t seem reasonable, but it is the state of the FBI at this point that they are so desperate to find white supremacists that they’re going to look at the Catholic Church.”

The person who brought him the information, Seraphin said, “stated the very simple statement, which is that if they’re going to go after radical, traditional Catholics, then radical traditional Baptists are next and radical, traditional evangelicalism and anybody else that espouses essentially what is radical, which is just a Christian faith and that is dangerous apparently in this country.”

In fact, numerous government moves throughout the Barack Obama and Joe Biden administrations have been targeted directly at Christians. Obama tried to force an organization of Catholic nuns to pay for abortions for their employees. And Biden has done more to promote and institutionalize abortion and transgenderism than any other president before him.

A Substack column by And Magazine said, “Somewhere in the bowels of the FBI must be an office of acronym creation, and it must be working overtime. We have barely had time to assimilate the new DVE term (Domestic Violent Extremist for those of you playing along at home) and now we have Racially or Ethnically Motivated Violent Extremists (RMVE) and freshly minted, Radical Traditional Catholics (RTCs).”

“What are RTCs? They are otherwise known as Catholic Apologists. That doesn’t mean apologists in the sense of saying ‘sorry’ for the actions of the Catholic Church. It means apologists in the sense that they defend traditional Catholic teachings and oppose what they see as modern, unjustified deviations from those traditional teachings.”

But the report said suddenly the FBI is taking an interest in arguments “within a religion about the proper interpretation.”

Wouldn’t those be covered by the First Amendment?

“Not anymore. This is now the concern of the FBI, which still has no time to find Antifa or counter radical Marxist groups in our streets but has seemingly endless resources to fight anybody who stands in the way of the prescribed progressive orthodoxy,” the report said.

The FBI identified RTCs “as a threat,” in that Richmond field office paperwork, the report said.

“Interestingly, the only evidence presented to support this claim in the report consists of direct references to a publication produced by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). In fact, the list of dangerous Catholic Apologetic groups provided in the FBI report is literally a copy of a page from an SPLC publication.”

The SPLC is an unreliable, far-left organization that routinely classifies Christian ministries such as the Family Research Council in Washington in the same category as the Ku Klux Klan, mostly because of the Christian groups’ refusal to promote the LGBT and abortion agendas, two of Joe Biden’s favorite causes.

In the report, Catholic Family News Editor Brian McCall said, the memo “proves beyond any doubt the evil people who control the levers of power in the U.S. government are using that power to persecute any who dissent from their godless ideology.”

He continued, “The FBI is spying on and infiltrating traditional Roman Catholic groups and even parishes for simply exercising their First Amendment Rights.”

It was the Federalist that reported the FBI, after its agenda was revealed, “rescinded” the Richmond document.

That reported that “Nowhere in the document does the FBI explain how traditional Catholics pose a ‘violent’ threat. The document offers only two pieces of evidence of an ‘overlap’ between ‘Racially and Ethnically Motivated Violent Extremists’ and ‘Radical-Traditionalist Catholics.’ One is that both groups are ‘[hostile] toward abortion rights advocates.'”

Then it warned, “The FBI wants Americans to believe this was an honest mistake. In reality, it’s extremely on-brand with the corruption and political targeting that’s become commonplace in the bureau. As far as we know there have been no major FBI investigations into Black Lives Matter and Antifa, two groups that torched American cities in the summer of 2020 and caused at least 18 deaths and more than $1 billion dollars in property damage.

“There have also been only a handful of arrests and sparse investigation related to the nearly 100 attacks on pro-life organizations and churches at the hands of pro-abortion domestic terrorists in 2022. Meanwhile, peaceful pro-life activists have had their homes raided by federal agents and face lawfare, fines, and prison time.”

The Federalist explained the FBI’s recent history of falsehoods.

“The FBI launched the Russia collusion hoax against President Donald Trump by lying to a secret court about the credibility of Christopher Steele, the author of the debunked Russian disinformation dossier. The agency interfered in the 2020 election by preemptively branding the Hunter Biden laptop story as Russian disinformation for Facebook (and likely other platforms) to censor. For years, the FBI also secretly pressured Americans into signing forms that relinquish their constitutional right to own, purchase, or even use firearms, and they even launched investigations into ‘terrorist’ parents who express concerns at local school board meetings.”

It warned, “The FBI report that demonizes devout Catholics is not based on any ‘threat pictures,’ as the analyst says, but on raw politics. This time, the target was traditional Catholics, but you can be sure they won’t stop with Catholics.”




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