Whistleblower tied to undisclosed Democrat presidential candidate: Report

The whistleblower story was just blown wide open.

Inspector General Michael Atkinson has just disclosed that the whistleblower either worked for or “had some type of professional relationship with” one of the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates, Breitbart reports.

Every day, more evidence is revealed indicating that the whistleblower complaint is nothing more than a political hit job.

Corruption Exposed

While the identity of the referenced candidate was not disclosed, this report changes everything.

The whistleblower self-declared as a registered Democrat. The entire situation is eerily reminiscent of FBI agent Peter Strzok who worked on Robert Mueller’s investigative team and had a clear bias and well-known animus toward President Donald Trump.

There have long been suspicions about the origins of the whistleblower complaint. With the revelation that notorious Trump enemy Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) was also involved with the whistleblower early on, the political motive becomes even more apparent.

Who’s The Candidate?

While there has been no confirmation as to the specific candidate with whom the whistleblower allegedly worked prior to filing the complaint, it is tempting to take an educated guess.

Presidential candidate Joe Biden, having once also served as vice president, would certainly have all kinds of connections within the Washington establishment. Furthermore, Joe Biden’s son was the subject of the investigation in Ukraine, which Trump pointed out during the controversial phone call at the heart of the impeachment firestorm.

With the focus on Ukraine, many details have emerged that are suggestive of real corruption on the part of Joe Biden and his son. The whistleblower story was a great cover to distract from further scrutiny of their dealings.

While this is all speculative, it is important to ask who stands to face the most serious consequences as this whole scenario unfolds. It is worth considering just who will be hurt the most if the truth about Ukraine comes out.

The Democrats’ hope of beating Trump rests on the shoulders of Joe Biden. A corruption scandal has the potential to sink Biden’s campaign, tarnish the Democratic Party’s reputation even further, and guarantee a second term for Trump.

Democrats have the resources and the power to create a story to cover for Biden and impeach Trump. Adam Schiff has already been exposed for fabricating parts of the Ukraine narrative, and it’s only a matter of time until the entire Democrat machine is exposed.

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