Report: ‘Whistleblower’ discloses third reason he could be accused of anti-Trump bias

The more we learn about the whistleblower who sounded the alarm about Donald Trump’s July phone call with the Ukrainian president, the more it becomes apparent that this is all a complete setup by Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA).

Fox News is now reporting the whistleblower has informed the Intelligence Community Inspector General there is a third reason he may be considered biased.

Deceived from the Outset

Our politicians are supposed to be transparent, but Adam Schiff has been in coverup up mode from virtually day one of this debacle.

Prior to the complaint ever having been filed, Schiff’s office reportedly had contact with the whistleblower and provided some guidance on what he should do.

When Schiff was initially asked about this, he claimed that neither he nor his team had any contact with the complainant, but now we all know that to be a lie.

The whistleblower himself did not disclose that contact as was required on the complaint form itself, adding to suspicions of an orchestrated plot — but that is not where this bias truly lies.

The whistleblower is a registered Democrat, and has a previous working relationship with a senior-ranking Democrat, and now there is reportedly a third avenue potentially indicative of anti-Trump sentiment, but that specific link has yet to be revealed.

Bias All Around

The whistleblower has maintained throughout this process that even with all of these issues, the complaint had no political motivation at all behind it.

But considering the early contact with Schiff and the substance of the complaint itself, this does not appear very likely.

President Trump has even floated the idea that Schiff’s office may have constructed the complaint, which is surely not out of the question given the congressman’s past antics.

We also have to take into consideration the fact Schiff has been very secretive with his witness testimony — so much so, in fact, that a group of Republicans stormed a hearing on Wednesday that was closed to Republican House members.

If Schiff is hiding information from his fellow members of Congress, we have to ask how much he is hiding from the American people.

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