Report: Whistleblower in Ukraine case represented by former Clinton, Schumer staffer

Surprise! The whistleblower behind the Ukraine call complaint against Trump is tied into some very powerful Democrats.

According to reports, Andrew P. Bakaj, the attorney representing the still-unnamed individual, has previously worked for both Hillary Clinton and Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY)

Shady Beginnings

Before we even get to the actual whistleblower, the attorney representing the case has some skeletons in his closet that should be discussed.

Bakaj, prior to his current gig working at Compass Rose Legal Group, was fairly active in the political world. In fact, according to his company bio, he worked for three Democrat senators, including Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer.

He also reportedly worked for both the CIA and DOJ, but his time there was less than stellar. A report on another outlet stated that Bakaj’s security clearance was suspended and eventually lost due to his habit of retaliating against staffers.

It Gets Even Better

Bakaj has another issue that is very relevant to this particular case. In addition to his role with Compass Rose Legal Group, Bakaj is also one of the attorneys of record for Whistleblower Aid.

This is an organization that provides financial support for whistleblowers. In essence, they are paying individuals for leaked information, whether it is true or not.

Trump suspected the complaint itself was another partisan attack, and that is exactly how everything is lining up right now. This entire complaint got rolling from a late July phone call Trump had with the new president of Ukraine.

Democrats are making the call out to be an overt threat to the new president in exchange for an investigation into presidential candidate Joe Biden, but they must not have read the same transcript everyone else did.

There was no quid pro quo as Trump has unequivocally stated, and there certainly were no threats. Instead, Trump warned the current president not to get mixed up with some of the same people from the prior administration and asked for a favor, namely for the new president to look into exactly what happened with regard to the firing of the prosecutor who was investigating the company that had employed Hunter Biden.

When Joe Biden originally asked for the prosecutor to be fired he held a massive aid package hostage, literally telling Ukraine leadership they had about three hours to fire the man, or Biden was leaving with the check in hand.

If anything, an investigation into Joe Biden needs to be launched, because it’s been proven that he actually bullied Ukraine into granting him a political favor.

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