Whistleblower claims Obama’s DHS put Americans at risk

An Obama-era policy at the Department of Homeland Security may have put Americans in danger.

According to a whistleblower, One America News reports, Obama’s DHS refused to collect DNA samples from illegal immigrants, which may have prevented arrests of those with criminal records.


Putting Illegal Immigrants First

The Democrat party used to be hard on illegal immigration. Just take a quick trip over to YouTube and look up Bill Clinton’s speeches on illegal immigration and you will think you are at a Trump rally.

That all changed when Barack Obama became president. The party took a hard-left turn and has acted as though the statements made, including Obama’s anti-illegal immigration comments, were just erased from history.

This was especially true over the last two or three years of Obama’s presidency.

Now, we are finding out the focus on protecting illegal immigrants was so extreme, the administration was not allowing DNA to be collected from illegal immigrants, a critical step in identifying criminal illegal immigrants.

Putting Americans at Risk

One of the reasons DNA is collected is because it is the only way authorities have of identifying some illegal immigrants. Many of them travel with fake identities, so it is impossible to tell if they are who they say they are without DNA collection.

Some that passed through Obama’s DHS may have been drug dealers, murderers, or rapists, but we will never know because the DNA was not collected.

What we do know, however, is that crimes happen every day in our country, serious crimes, that are committed by illegal immigrants who were already run through the system and have previous criminal records.

Could some of these rapes, murders, and DUI deaths been prevented had Obama’s DHS been doing its job? Very possibly so. Michael Hethmon, Senior Counsel for Immigration Reform Law Institute called it a “massive breakdown in federal law enforcement” as well as a “cover-up.”

This looks like a blatant policy violation to score political points with liberals while Obama put the very people he was elected to represent at risk.

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