Whistleblower contractor reveals thousands of migrant children ferried weekly around country in secret flights

Amid a historic surge of illegal immigration at the southern border since President Joe Biden took office, including record numbers of unaccompanied children, are rumors and reports that federal contractors are secretly transporting newly arrived migrants on charter planes and buses to different parts of the country.

Now a whistleblower employee of a federal contractor company has come forward to reveal that thousands of migrant children are being dispersed around the country every week and, even worse, are often being handed off to unrelated and unvetted “sponsors” with no questions asked, The Post Millennial reported.

The anonymous whistleblower is a “travel youth care worker” who is employed by MVM Inc., and his job is simply to escort anywhere from dozens to hundreds of children on chartered buses or planes from federal shelters in Texas to various locations across the nation where the children are then picked up individually by sponsors.

The worker confirmed that this was a program that had been ongoing for many years but had been ramped up significantly since President Biden took office — so much so that his “overwhelmed” company, which used to hand the children off to confirmed and identifiable relatives, is now turning the children loose to whoever will show up to claim them, whether they are related or not.

Taxpayer-funded shuttle service for migrant children

The left-leaning Daily Beast actually reported in May 2021 that MVM Inc., which has a somewhat checkered history as a federal contractor for the CIA and NSA, first began ferrying unaccompanied children around the nation in 2014 under a federal contract that was doubled and extended shortly after Biden took office.

That outlet further noted at that time that an additional new contract had recently been signed with MVM Inc. as well for $136 million in taxpayer dollars “for the transport of migrant families and unaccompanied minors in government custody.”

The whistleblower told The Post Millennial how his company, which operates four separate offices in Texas, would dispatch one or more charter buses or planes from each location nearly every day, often leaving before dawn and arriving at a final destination after dark in places like California and New York, though some of the children would be further escorted to cities in surrounding states to finally end their journey.

His account is consistent with multiple reports from the New York Post about charter planes full of migrant children from Texas arriving late at night at small regional airports outside New York City, only to then be loaded onto several buses and transported further to different cities and states in the area.

That whistleblower also estimated that his company was quietly moving upwards of 40,000 migrant children per month around the country in this fashion on the taxpayer’s dime.

Unvetted “sponsors” picking up children, company denies responsibility

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the whistleblower’s account is how previously high standards had been lowered because of the surge of migrants at the border, and he revealed that the company was no longer fully vetting or performing background checks on new hires as well as how the “sponsors” who picked up the children were no longer always clearly related or even familiar with one another.

The whistleblower revealed how suspicious and upsetting the situation had now become for him and expressed his concern that some of the children were seemingly being turned over to unvetted individuals who could potentially be sexual offenders or worse.

Incredibly, MVM Inc. did not deny that it was transporting tens of thousands of migrant children around the country on a monthly basis in a response to The Post Millennial, but simply disputed as untrue certain aspects of the report — such as not performing background checks on new employees — and completely dodged any accountability on the lack of vetting for sponsors, which it insisted was the responsibility of the government.

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