Report claims Ukraine ‘whistleblower’ was ‘hand-picked’ for CIA, NSC by John Brennan

A number of questions have come up about the so-called “whistleblower” whose complaint sparked the impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump, including over the individual’s identity, their motivation, and even how they came to be a federal government employee with access to the White House in the first place.

One America News Network (OAN) has been digging into what is known to learn as much as possible about that consequential person — and now, they’ve revealed an explosive piece of news about the whistleblower: they were reportedly “hand-picked” by former CIA Director John Brennan and placed on a “fast-track” within the agency that led directly to the National Security Council (NSC) in the White House.

A bombshell scoop

That bombshell scoop from OAN — which, unlike most of the rest of the media, has identified the suspected individual as CIA analyst Eric Ciaramella — came during an interview between reporter Jack Posobiec and a former CIA officer named Brad Johnson, who is president of an organization known as Americans for Intelligence Reform.

Johnson asserted that Ciaramella had been recruited by the CIA after gaining the agency’s attention as a far-left student activist and street protest leader at Yale University.

Because he had “some experience” related to Ukraine while in the CIA, Ciaramella ended up being assigned to the NSC in the Obama White House and became the “go-to guy” on all matters pertaining to Ukraine while there. At some point along the way, Johnson claimed Ciaramella was “hand-picked” by Brennan.

The fact that Ciaramella couldn’t have made it to the NSC without Brennan being at least knowledgeable about — if not directly responsible for — the assignment is even more interesting these days in light of Brennan’s increasingly apparent lead role in the “Deep State” efforts to undermine President Trump.

A phony whistleblower?

Johnson noted that Ciaramella actually isn’t a “whistleblower,” per the guidelines for such classification within the Intelligence Community. In reality, he’s just a federal employee who disagrees with the president’s policies and filed a complaint about such.

Ciaramella began his tenure in the NSC during the Obama administration and ended up being transferred back to the CIA during the first year of the Trump administration. During the tail-end of the Obama years, however — and due to his “expertise” on Ukraine — he reportedly worked alongside then-Vice President Joe Biden, who had been named Obama’s point-man on all things Ukraine-related.

In fact, it was reported that Ciaramella was with Biden when the former vice president pressured Ukraine to fire a top prosecutor looking into a corrupt Ukrainian energy firm on whose board Biden’s son Hunter sat  — which could shed some light on why the “whistleblower” complaint and resultant Democrat commotion was so focused on President Trump’s remarks to the Ukrainian president about investigating alleged corruption involving the Bidens.

In essence, Johnson surmised that Ciaramella’s complaint, while certainly intended to help “get Trump,” was also largely an effort to “cover their own tracks” in what increasingly appears to be a corrupt set-up involving Joe and Hunter Biden using their influence to enrich themselves and curry political favors from Ukraine — a scheme in which Ciaramella played a key role.

If what Johnson revealed about Ciaramella is true, then that explains why Democrats and the liberal media have gone to such great lengths to keep his identity a secret. Any official digging into the whistleblower’s activities could well bring down the Bidens, Brennan, the anti-Trump “Resistance,” and even former President Barack Obama himself.

Watch Johnson’s full interview here:


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