Whistleblower: Gender patients begged to 'have body parts put back on'

 April 18, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Joe Biden insists that transgender treatments, the chemicals, the hormones, the surgical mutilations, are just more "health" care.

His advocacy while in the White House has raised the profile of the industry and its impact on its victims.

But some of the worst atrocities just now are coming to light, including the testimony from a whistleblower that patients of a children's gender clinic were "begging to have body parts put back on."

It is Fox News that reported on the comments from a children's gender clinic whistleblower who appeared on a daytime television talk show.

The whistleblower, Jamie Reed, who used to work at the Washington University Transgender Center at St. Louis Children's Hospital, wrote an expose last year calling such treatments "morally and medically appalling."

The report noted Reed, "who is queer and married to a transgender person herself," explained what changed her ideas on the subject.

"Several things. We started to see patients who were experiencing very significant medical harm being rushed to the emergency room with lacerations requiring stitches. We had patients contact us who were begging to have body parts put back on within months of having surgeries."

She continued, "The thing that kept happening is every time I would raise concerns and ask about the protocols and ask about the guidelines – this is just how the industry works, if a child says they're trans there's no questioning it. We just say, 'Yep, you're trans, what would you like?'"

Multiple studies have documented that nearly all of the children who experience gender dysphoria during their early years resolve those conflicts and live ordinary lives as their birth sex – if they are not influenced by those promoting the extremism.

Reed worked with children at that clinic.

"You're telling me that a 12- or 13-year-old, who can't decide which pajamas to wear, can come in and say, 'I've decided that I want to transition,' and with no more than a couple of hours or two visits – not even a couple of hours, two visits – they say 'Okay, start taking this, start doing this,' which alters their biochemistry in a way that you can't come back from?" show host Dr. Phil wondered.

Reed: "Correct."

The ideology has boomed under Biden's presidency, during which he has insisted its "health care," must be normalized throughout the federal government and even promoted overseas.

Reed was blunt: "Doctors are acting like they're God when it comes to medically transitioning children."

"I saw a young person who was begging to have their breasts put back on after having surgery, we were encouraged not to make a big deal out of it and not to tell other families. I couldn't continue to be silent on it."

Many prominent figures now are seeking investigations into trans clinics after a flood of heart-wrenching stories from those who adopted the agenda, but now are "detransitioning." Some of those even have taken those who "treated" them to court for damages.

The Washington University clinic already is under investigation by Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey.

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