Whistleblower attorney outed as anti-Trumper: ‘Impeachment will follow’

Mark Zaid, the attorney for the whistleblower in the infamous Ukraine phone call scandal, has been outed as an anti-Trumper — but it gets much worse.

In 2017, Zaid tweeted about the beginning of a “coup” against Trump, predicting that “an impeachment [would] follow ultimately,” according to Breitbart.

How It Got Started

The comments made by Zaid were related to the firing of then-acting Attorney General Sally Yates. If you recall, she was terminated by Trump for not backing him on his immigration stance regarding the travel ban.

Even though Yates said there was no constitutional foundation to make Trump’s argument, when the case went before the Supreme Court, Trump won.

According to Zaid’s tweet, that firing started the “coup” against Trump.

There is One Problem

Fox legal analyst Andrew Napolitano has gone on record defending Zaid’s comments already, saying that an attorney is allowed to have a bias. That, however, is not where the issue lies.

The fact that Zaid was openly encouraging a coup, and that he now defends the man that made the complaint that added about a gazillion gallons of gasoline to the impeachment drive by Democrats — well, that can’t just be a coincidence.

There are a lot of Trump supporters who buy into the idea of a conspiracy against Trump from Day 1. What was once considered to be conspiracy theory is seemingly coming closer and closer to fact.

Now, we have a member of the court who openly encouraged a coup against the president representing the man leading the Democrats’ charge.

Oh, you should also know that while the identity of the whistleblower has not yet been confirmed, the person suspected of being the whistleblower just happened to work with Joe Biden in the Obama administration from 2015 through the changeover to Trump.

It might also be worth noting that this individual was also relieved of his duties and sent back to the CIA because the administration suspected him as the source of leaks. Who would have thought?

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