'What a disgrace': Pompeo says Biden helping terrorists, wasting tax money

 June 3, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Among Joe Biden's failures in the White House is the southern border, which he ordered wide open to allow the entry of millions of illegal aliens, possibly including terrorists.

And the nation's economy, which saw inflation as high as 9% under his leadership.

And his campaign promise to bring the nation together, as his policies have created divide after divide after divide.

And his green campaign, which has produced, so far, stratospheric levels for energy prices.

Now there's a new one, where Biden's plan for a $320 million pier in Gaza has fallen apart, prompting even leftists formerly at MSNBC to blast him.

"What a bloody s------," said onetime MSNBC anchor Mehdi Hasan.

"Let's be clear: if this had happened on Trump's watch, we would all be mocking and denouncing him," Hasan said on social media. "It's super-embarrassing that it happened on Biden's watch…"

The pier was assembled as a temporary means to deliver tax-funded aid to Palestinians in Gaza after the Hamas terrorists based there attacked Israel and killed some 1,200 innocent civilians.

The pier broke up shortly after it was opened for use.

In fact, reports reveal it lasted "roughly a week."

Now, former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, at the online site for the American Center for Law and Justice, where he is a senior counsel for global affairs, charged Biden was able to embarrass America, help terrorists and waste tax money – all with the one "sinking Gaza pier" project.

"This pier – which is now reportedly sinking – perfectly encapsulates the Biden administration’s failed, nakedly political approach to foreign policy," said Pompeo, who was working with the Trump administration at a time when there were stunningly successful negotiations establishing relations involving Israel and several of its longtime Arab foes, under the "Abraham Accords."

Pompeo noted, first, Biden's pledge to build the pier brought American soldiers to the site, "even though Biden had pledged there would be no 'boots on the ground' in Gaza."

Then, he said, such aid never could reach civilians without "falling into the hands of Hamas."

Further, he said it was "unconscionable for American aid to end up helping a terrorist organization that was still holding Israeli and American hostages."

Why not, he said, send the aid through an already-proven delivery channel, through Israel?

He warned regarding Biden's pier, "It is highly likely that this pier is merely facilitating the delivery of American aid right into the hands of Hamas. What a disgrace."

Pompeo explained Biden's real reason for the pier was to advance his "two-state solution – not the creation of a Palestinian state, but to garner votes in the states of Michigan and Minnesota, where far-Left, radical communities have been extremely vocal in their criticism of Biden’s support for Israel, lukewarm though it may be."

Pompeo said Biden's "political" weaponization of such a project "perfectly displays the rot that has plagued his decision-making throughout his time in office, but particularly since the brutal attacks of October 7th. Increasingly desperate to placate far-Left voters ahead of an election, President Biden has put U.S. troops in harm’s way and aided our enemies just to win a few votes."

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