West Virginia chooses new Supreme Court justices after impeachments

The West Virginia Supreme Court saga is finally about to come to an end.

Gov. Jim Justice has named two justices to the court, which was recently emptied due to a scandal.

Voters will now get to decide if his appointments are allowed to remain on the bench.

Voters Decide

The West Virginia Supreme Court scandal impacted the entire country.

Never before have we seen such a blatant abuse of power and taxpayer monies.

As the scandal was unfolding, two of the justices up for impeachment decided to resign rather than be tossed off the bench.

The two justices that stepped down were Robin David and Menis Ketchum.

In their place, the Governor appointed Rep. Evan Jenkins and West Virginia House Speaker Tim Armstead.

At Stake

Democrats are going to pay very close attention to the results of this vote to support their claim.

According to Democrats in the state, this was an orchestrated attack on a liberal-oriented Supreme Court by the Republican regime.

If the governor’s appointments win their votes, it will go a long way to put down the Democrat theory.

If, however, voters go against these two justices, it will add more fuel to a burning fire the Democrats want to rage out of control.


Several years ago, the state of West Virginia tried to remove the political affiliations of Supreme Court justices.

Rather than have the candidates for the bench identified as Republican or Democrat, there are no longer any party affiliations on the ticket.

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Even so, the parties themselves are doing their best to identify the candidates they prefer for their registered voters.

One way or another, on Nov. 6, we will find out if voters believe the case against the justices or if they think their governor was playing games and trying to stack the court.

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