West Virginia Republican arrested on prostitution charges

The last two years have not been kind to West Virginia.

The state is just starting to recover from a massive state Supreme Court scandal, and now state senator Mike Maroney has been charged with soliciting a prostitute.

Trouble in West Virginia

In mid-2018, it was revealed the entire West Virginia Supreme Court was going to be possibly impeached. The charges of corruption stemmed from the misappropriation of funds used for remodeling the chambers of the justices.

Ironically, one of the justices involved in the scandal had written a book about how corrupt the West Virginia political scene was at the time.

New Controversy

The buzz over that controversy has finally died down, only to have a new and what many may believe is a far worse controversy to be unveiled.

State Senator Mike Maroney was charged after text messages with a prostitute that was under investigation by local law enforcement were revealed.

In the messages, Maroney allegedly discussed pricing and meeting times with the woman. When the woman said she would not meet him without a picture, he sent her one with the message: “now can I stop by.”

When authorities checked the prostitute’s home, the conditions were horrendous, including used condoms, “an unimaginable amount” of urine and feces, and hypodermic needles that appeared to have been used.

This seemed to be the norm for the woman’s home, as authorities found a message in the chain between Maroney and the woman where she stated how messy her house was. Maroney responded that he did not care about the mess.

Ironically, Maroney serves on the West Virginia Senate Health and Human Resources Committee.

The Democrat party chair is already calling for the dismissal of Maroney from the state Senate. Maroney has not yet publicly responded to the charges, but he has pled not guilty and paid a $4,500 bond.

The woman Maroney allegedly paid for sex has also been criminally charged. She said she became a prostitute to pay for her drug habit.

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