West Virginia House committee votes to impeach entire state Supreme Court

West Virginia lawmakers are throwing the book at every justice in the state’s highest court.

On Tuesday, the West Virginia House Judiciary Committee introduced articles of impeachment in hopes of removing every current sitting Justice.

Abusing the System

The casual nature in which public officials spend taxpayer monies has been in the spotlight far too often as of late.

Rather than seeking justice, the entire Supreme Court in West Virginia seemed more interested in a “lavish lifestyle” than upholding the law.

After careful consideration, 14 articles of impeachment were introduced against the four sitting justices.

By days end, another article was issued, making it 15 in all.

“It’s a sad day,” Judiciary Chairman John Shott said, “and it certainly isn’t a cause for celebration.”


The justices were known for excess spending when renovating their offices.

In addition, all four of them were charged with the failure to develop and maintain “court policies regarding the use of state resources.”

Justice Allen Loughry faced additional charges of using state resources for personal use, including travel and removing state furniture to be placed in his home.

Two other justices, Robin Davis and Margaret Workman, are facing additional charges of authorizing excess pay — more than is allowed by state law — for senior status judges.

The fourth justice, Beth Walker, is facing additional charges for paying an outside attorney to author an opinion with state funds.

Democrat Pushback

Democrats in office are already crying foul on the impeachment.

They are claiming the voters should be the ones to remove the justices, not the state representatives.

They are also stating the Republican governor is merely using this as a way to appoint four conservative justices to the bench that will be there for at least two years — until the next scheduled election.

But Republicans are taking the stance that gross abuses such as this are part of the checks and balances system — and exactly why the oversight committee is in place.

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As far as they are concerned, they have the right to impeach a justice that is blatantly abusing the system.

The matter will continue to be debated in the State House until it is put up for a vote, at which time 51 votes will be needed to send the impeachment articles to the State Senate.

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