Pompeo on Clinton emails: ‘We’re getting them out’

If Hillary Clinton wasn’t already panicking, the time to start would be right about now.

According to the Daily Caller, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo confirmed last week that his department is moving to release a series of newly declassified emails that were previously hidden on Clinton’s private server.

The emails could be published before November’s elections, the Daily Caller reported, but it remains unclear when exactly that will occur.

“We’ve got the emails, we’re getting them out,” Pompeo said Friday during an appearance on Fox News, according to the Daily Caller. “We’ll get all of this information out so the American people can see them.”

Finally exposed?

During the 2016 presidential campaign season, then-candidate Donald Trump made a big issue of the fact that Hillary Clinton, as secretary of state under former President Barack Obama, had a personal server that she used to store government emails, many of which were classified. Upon investigation, then-FBI Director James Comey famously declined to press charges, but in the years since, Trump hasn’t backed down.

Now, he wants the American people to know the truth — all of it.

According to the Daily Caller, “[t]he State Department has already published the more than 30,000 emails that Clinton turned over to the agency in late 2014.” Pompeo’s new release would only add to that.

It remains unclear, however, “what emails are poised for release,” the Daily Caller notes.

Trump makes his move

Over and above the actual content of the emails, the really important thing to remember here is that Hillary Clinton violated national security protocols by using a private server for government business.

The policy prohibiting the use of a personal server was put in place in 2005, which is four years before Clinton assumed her role as the secretary of State. Still, we haven’t seen any accountability.

Thankfully, President Trump just isn’t willing to let this one go.

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