Special Counsel Weiss testified that there was no political bias or favoritism shown by prosecutors toward Hunter Biden

November 15, 2023
Ben Marquis

It was earlier this year that IRS whistleblowers previously involved in the years-long federal investigation of Hunter Biden came forward and alleged that Justice Department officials had inappropriately displayed political bias and favoritism on behalf of President Joe Biden's troubled adult son.

Those allegations put forward in sworn testimony by the whistleblowers were denied and disputed by the top prosecutor presiding over that Hunter Biden probe, however, according to the Daily Caller.

That top prosecutor is Special Counsel David Weiss, who reportedly denied any sort of political bias in the investigation during a closed-door hearing with the Republican-led House Judiciary Committee last week.

Weiss denied any sort of political bias or favoritism in Biden probe

The Daily Caller reported that it was granted access to review the unreleased transcript of the committee's Nov. 7 interview with Special Counsel Weiss, in which he was asked about but rejected the allegations of political bias and favoritism toward Hunter Biden and any "protocols" to guard against such situations.

"I’m not aware of protocols. And look, my interest and the interest of prosecutors in my office is pursuing cases, and we should be pursuing cases based on the laws and the facts, period," Weiss reportedly said.

He then added in response to a follow-up question, "Look, no, I’m not aware of any policies, and I haven’t experienced, to my knowledge, a situation in which I had to deal with the hypothetical that you’re describing."

When pressed on the matter, Weiss further declined to address any specific details or allegations and insisted, "Again, I’m not going to comment on any aspect of the investigation or a prosecution, and from my perspective, the prosecutors who participated in this case followed the law and the facts."

That doesn't match what the whistleblowers had to say

Except, as was alleged previously in sworn testimony provided by two IRS whistleblowers -- who both claimed to have been retaliated against and removed from the Biden probe after raising the alarm -- investigators had been fully prepared to move forward with multiple federal charges against Hunter but were blocked from doing so by the DOJ.

They specifically alleged that senior prosecutors deliberately delayed granting approval for certain search warrants, tipped off the Biden camp about impending moves by investigators, and denied attempts to pursue certain investigative avenues that might lead to President Biden himself.

The whistleblowers also specifically called out Delaware's Assistant U.S. Attorney Lesley Wolf as playing the lead role in protecting the Bidens and blocking the investigators.

Whistleblower allegations acknowledged but dismissed; top prosecutor defended

"I am aware that you have two whistleblowers who have testified. That’s correct," Weiss told the committee, according to the Daily Caller, but when asked about their specific allegations, declined to do so as he replied, "It’s not something I experienced. I understand what your representation is with respect to these whistleblowers, and that would have me commenting on specifics relative to this investigation and this case."

As for the allegations against AUSA Wolf, the special counsel defended the high-ranking prosecutor and said, "Yeah, I’m not going to discuss any particular allegations. Lesley Wolf has been a dedicated public servant for more than 16 years. I believe she is an excellent lawyer and is a person of integrity."

The crux of Weiss' testimony is quite simple -- he either is completely unaware of or didn't personally experience any sort of displays of political bias or favoritism by DOJ officials toward Hunter Biden, and he is willing to defend the reputations of those officials who have been accused of doing exactly that.

Whether anyone can or should believe the special counsel in that regard is left for each individual to decide, and it remains to be seen if any serious criminal charges -- for which there is allegedly ample evidence in support -- will ever come from Weiss' probe against the president's clearly politically protected son.

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