Clinton pal Harvey Weinstein has officially been indicted for rape

One of Hillary Clinton’s less-than-desirable friends is finally getting a plate of justice served to him.

Big-money donor Harvey Weinstein has finally been indicted on first- and third-degree rape as well as first-degree criminal sexual act.

Still Maintaining His Innocence

When the grand jury came back with the indictment, a collective cheer went up in the conservative world.

Weinstein has long-been a massive donor to Democrats, especially the Clintons.

His purse strings were so vital to the party, nary a politician came out to criticize him after the initial allegations were made.

After this indictment was announced, Weinstein was freed on $1 million bail.

His attorney said he plans on pleading not guilty.

The Charges

The case against Weinstein is rooted in two separate allegations. The first occurred in 2004, and the second came in 2013.

The women involved have alleged Weinstein forced one of them to have oral sex with him, while he allegedly raped the second woman.

While these are the only two cases in the indictment, several more women have come forward to make allegations against Weinstein. Included in these were several high-profile stars, such as Ashely Judd, Mira Sorvino, and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Judd came forward with a story of Weinstein answering his door in a robe, asking for a massage as well as inviting Judd to watch him shower.

Sorvino alleged that Weinstein started to massage her against her wishes, then tried to make forward advances on her.

Peter Jackson later stated Weinstein had tried to dissuade him from casting either of the actresses after these two incidents.

In the case of Paltrow, Weinstein used his massage lure on her as well, after she landed the role in Emma.

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After his advances, Paltrow told then-boyfriend Brad Pitt about the encounter, who in turn, threatened “to kill” Weinstein if he ever approached Paltrow like that again.

All things considered, Weinstein has a massive uphill battle ahead of him if he wants to prove his innocence. It might just be time for him to throw in the towel.

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